Wall Art Panels

Are you struggling with finding unique paintings or frames to decorate your interior? Do you want to choose something that is different and will reflect a certain mood?

Moreover, do you need a customized size?
Our idea is to use our wall coverings and turn them into wall art. How?

Choose the patterns from our collections or submit us your own idea, our graphists will transform it into a wall art panel.

How we do it?

  1. Pick a pattern from our collections
  2. Then choose a finish that will match your interior (for example: LABBrushed finish looks like a painting, LABWood gives the impression a wood panel has been painted)
  3. Specify the sizes you need (width and height)
  4. We will provide you with a free simulation before ordering the wall covering. Our team will stick it
    to a panel you can proudly hang on your wall!
  5. So let your interior show your creativity!